Valérie Bellemare, MBA, CHRL



I am passionate about helping companies succeed, business is in my blood. In 1981, my family launched what has since become a thriving and successful province-wide grocery company. Although it was always important for me to be exposed to different things and to create my own experiences, it only seemed natural that I would eventually work for the family business. Over the years, I gained valuable experience working in multiple departments of the organization, but it was my love of Human Resources that led me towards this career path.

I started my HR career as a Human Resources Assistant and gradually made my way into a Human Resources Generalist role, with a staff of 300 to oversee. This experience was what prepared me to move from the family business into a Human Resources Manager role. My most recent position as Director of Human Resources, with a medium-sized company in the construction and real estate industry has since, enhanced my exposure to the Human Resources profession. As the Director of Human Resources, I was responsible for creating and implementing a Human Resources Department from the ground up.

My first year was spent learning the operations and developing policies and processes relevant for both staff and management. We started with HR fundamentals, building a recruitment platform, creating job descriptions, implementing employment contracts, policies and procedures, as well as employee onboarding and offboarding. As this progressed, I was able to implement Employee Engagement, Performance Management, Training and Development Programs and introduce Human Resources software for greater ease of employee management. These programs continue to evolve, and I now work more closely with the executive team to develop strategic HR practices for their group of companies.

My educational background certainly contributed to my success. After completing a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Law at Carleton University, I enrolled in the Management Certificate in Human Resources where I studied recruitment, labour relations, compensation, HR strategy and employment law. Thanks to my prior credentials, experience and hard work, I received my Certified Human Resources Leader (CRHL) Designation. More recently, I completed a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Queen’s University to strengthen my business acumen and compliment my HR experience. I am also an active member of the Human Resources Professional Association (HRPA), which allows me to stay informed and current with the on-going trends in the Human Resources Profession.


My perspective is that a corporation’s well-being should always be prioritized in order for its people to thrive. This being said, change doesn’t happen overnight and bringing people to subscribe to your vision requires flexibility, collaboration and time and is what makes businesses functional and profitable. As such, my goal is to strike a balance between the satisfaction of employees and the operating needs of the business. In my opinion, an organization’s ability to maximize employee utility, engagement and leverage its human capital is the company’s key differentiator in today’s competitive environment.

Whether I’m working with a corporate client on a given project or with an individual seeking advice, I assist people based on their own specific needs, aspirations, comfort level and skills set.